Remote Monitoring & Management


Network monitoring & management service
Having trouble managing or maintaining your network?

Routine maintenance consumes a large portion of an IT budget, whether it is money spent on an outsider to fix the problems, or the time your internal IT staff spends on fixing everyday computer problems. Rarely is routine maintenance done proactively. The net result is more problems, more money and more time spent fixing problems.

Avrom-RMM is a low cost service available at a fixed monthly price.

Change routine maintenance into preventative maintenance to take care of: deploying patches, managing antivirus updates, removing spyware, temp file deletion, monitoring backups and more.

Isn't that a whole lot better?

If you are in need of HIPAA health care or PCI-DSS payment card industry compliance, AVROM-RMM’s patch management and vulnerability scanning insures that you will remain in compliance.

AVROM-RMM Remote Monitoring & Management is good insurance.

Every organization needs to know that they are protected against viruses and malware, or security holes that could allow outsiders into their network. Our network assesment tool / vulnerability scans will let you know whether you are safe. And our patch and anti-virus management insures that problems we find will be addressed automatically.

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